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2 April 1916

Posted by Dick on April 2, 1916
Church parade at nine o'clock, stables at 10am. I had a lovely bathe at midday.

This afternoon Franklyn and I went out for a ride, and took revolvers in the hope of getting a shot at something. He fired at two old hoodies on the ground but missed. We went through a lot of scrub and marshy ground, saw a few snipe and kingfishers, also some shrikes and redstarts and countless wagtails - which are very common here and very tame. We saw some very funny bird - I've noticed them before flying just above the water down the canal - they are black and white, about the size of a woodpecker and have got a long beak. They hover in the air over the water like hawks. I hoped we might see a jackal, but they say they are more common further down.

An enormous liner of sorts has just gone down the canal, with the decks very brilliantly lighted up.

I have just heard a zep. has been brought down during the last raid in England. It is great news.

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