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2 March 1916

Posted by Dick on March 2, 1916
Went up on deck soon after six and we passed about three miles off the Islands, but it was very close and we could see them well. We lay about three miles off the harbour for a short time while a patrol boat came out and told us the route we were to take. We couldn't get a mail onshore, as we had hoped. There is a very strong wind blowing and a nasty, choppy sea. I payed the men out this afternoon. There seemed to be a good many men-of-war in the harbour at Malta.

Tomorrow we get into an area where a French transport was sunk on Feb 26th. The Captain thinks it is probable we shall see something, so has given us the plan of action. If the submarine appears ahead he is going to try and ram her; if she appears on either side he is going to try to get stern on to her and go for all he's worth, and the same if she appears astern. We've got a submarine guard of 48 men divided into six detachments on the fo'castle, one on the saloon deck on the port side amidships, one on the starboard side, and two on the poop. I am to have charge of one of the poop detachments and we've got to keep up a volley fire on her periscope. I think I've got a very good post as our twelve pounder is mounted on the poop, so we ought to do some good between us.

Shall turn in early.

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