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11 March 1916

Posted by Dick on March 11, 1916
Several very heavy showers of rain this morning and much cooler, they say that now we shall have seven days of rather strong weather and then the heat will really set in.

I had my hair cut this afternoon. Saw a funeral of some important person going on, a very weird military procession. I went with Bradley to an Arab bazaar in the town this afternoon, a filthy place but very interesting; we each bought a bourgo, which is a little brass thing the women wear on their noses to hold their veil and hood together, so only their eyes show. It's the only place you can get them in the town. It was funny to watch the Arabs sawing wood - holding the wood between their toes and sawing with both hands.

A field battery came into camp this afternoon to rest the night, on their way through to somewhere. A lot of silks have also come in.

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