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6 March 1916

Posted by Dick on March 6, 1916
A blazing hot morning, it makes one drip even with the helmet and the khaki. I went down to the 'Karoa' to pay our wine bills, and they were very busy unloading her cargo.

I went up into the town this afternoon - it is an extraordinary place. We had tea at the Mohammed Ali Club; it is a very odd mess here, mostly composed of R.A.M.C. doctors. The waiters are Egyptian, and they wear long white robes, red fezzes, and sashes - a villainous looking crew, and only two of them, whose names are Mohammed and Abdul, understand any English.

The evenings are very cool here which is nice after the blazing heat of the day, and I believe they call this one of their coldest months.

Some yeomanry have just come into the tents behind us. They have just come out of action of the Western Front against the Senussi, and I believe have lost rather heavily.

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