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26 February 1916

Posted by Dick on February 26, 1916
Slept like a log. Reveille 6 a.m. I had a cold sea bath. We got into the Bay about 10 o'clock last night. Not so rough as yesterday, Bradley nearly himself again. I think I've nearly got my sea legs now. Saw one or two tramps on the horizon. Had boat drill this morning, our boat is to hold 57 men and three officers, personally I shall trust to my Gieve if the time comes.

I was having a nap in my cabin after lunch when my servant came rushing in to say there was an alarm. I went up on deck and found a fire had broken out, the black men worked like devils and had it under in quarter of an hour. Luckily it was the chief engineer's cabin on the boat deck, and not below as the hold aft is stuffed with ammunition. It was rather comforting within half an hour of the fire breaking out to see a battleship cruising towards us, when she found we were alright she steamed away again. I was talking to the marine in charge of our submarine gun (a twelve pounder) and he says the submarines like to attack at dusk or dawn when they can come up on top for a sure aim.

Passed Cape Finnisterre about 4.30 p.m. but unfortunately couldn't see it as we are 100 miles out to sea. There is a nasty swell but we are all feeling very cheerful. Whenever I go back to my cabin I find a black man in there doing something or other, they won't give our servants a look in, but they seem very honest and are very good waiters.

This afternoon we passed the area where the German raider Mowe was last reported to have been at work.

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