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Table of Weekly Labour, 16 Feb 1853

From The Muniment Room, a resource for social history, family history, and local history.

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Table of weekly labour on the Fleming Estate.

£ S D
Mr Cowen, Bailiff at £200 per annum3169
Cheater, Bailiff on J.F.’s Farm Chilworth0120
Mrs Fulder, dairy, on Chilworth Farm0120
Carter on Chilworth Farm0100
Under Carter on Chilworth Farm090
Wilstead, Cattle man on Chilworth Farm0100
Cheater, senior labourer090
Thos Heath, senior labourer090
Sergt Neal at Toothill110
6 men at Toothill at 8 shillings per week280
Charles Winded, head keeper0130
Masters, under keeper0100
Browning under keeper (if not already taken by Mr Stead)0100
Coulmer, head woodman0120
Marks, under woodman0100


  • Copy letter from John Willis Fleming to Robert Cowen, 28 Mar 1853; Willis Fleming Historical Trust WFMS:963
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