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Swaythling House

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‘Proceeding on our journey, and passing the inclosures of South Stoneham park, our next object, on the left, is the seat of William Chamberlayne, esq ; an old house, and remarkable only for having formerly been the residence of the gallant Lord Hawke. ... Opposite Mr. Chamberlayne's, is the neat residence of Dummer Andrews, esq.’ -John Bullar, A companion in a tour round Southampton (1801)

Swaythling House was a mansion house at Swaythling on the Stoneham Estate. The house, with Swaythling manor, was acquired in 1778[1].

The house was leased to Edward Hawke (1705-1781), 1st Baron Hawke, towards the end of his life. It was leased to William Chamberlayne while Weston Grove was being built, until the latter's completion in 1801. In 1802, John Fleming leased the site of the house and the garden to Jacob Gater with a clause for the levelling of the site of the house[2]. Swaythling Farmhouse may have been on the site.

Tenants of Swaythling House

  • Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke (-1781)
  • William Chamberlayne (1801)
  • Jacob Gater (1802)
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  2. Lease of site and former garden of Swaythling House, 1802 (WFMS:403 | HRO 102M71/E41)
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