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Stoneham Estate Cottages Nos. 86-88

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The cottages c.1910
The cottages c.1910
Cottages Nos. 86-88 were a row of three thatched cottages at Bassett Green on the Stoneham Estate. In the present, they are numbered 3,5, and 7.

Cottages 86 and 87 were offered for sale at auction in 1953[1], but were finally sold in 1955[2]; 88 in 1954[3].

Tenants of Cottage 86

  • George Tubb (1891,1901)
  • Mrs Tubb (1911-13)
  • W G Tubb (c.1913[4], 1922[5])

Tenants of Cottage 87

  • Caleb Thorne (1901)
  • H Marks (1911-13)

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Tenants of Cottage 88

  • George Mills (1901)
  • H Stacey (1911[6])
  • A Tubb (c.1913[7], 1922[8])
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