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North Stoneham manorial rents in arrears, 1676-1678

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North Stoneham manorial rents in arrears, 1676-1678[1] is a document from Bundle 48.


List of North Stoneham manorial rents in arrears, 1676-1678, complied around 1678.


John Wathell now Henry Thorngate. 7s 4d.
Mary Bodicot. 10s
Jone Day now Robert Thorngate. 14s 4d.
Jone Paige widow now William Paige. £1 1s1/2d.
Thomas Wallis. 4s 9d.
Richard Hawksworth. £1 15s3d.
John Holt. 13sBd.
Henry Cable's widow. 11s2d.
Henry Hobs now West. £1 7s 2d.
Katherine Marsh widow. £1 0s5 1/2d.
Stephen Newman. 13s 4d.
Jone Lane alias Lambert. 10s7 1/2d.
Christian widow of John Baldry. 7s 2 1/2d.
Dorothy West alias Kelmes. 7s 1 1/2d.
Alice West now Morley. 14s 4d.
William Scriven. 7s 0d.
William Orpwood for Highport. 11s 0d.
The same for Bucketts tenement. 6s 2d.
Richard West for his own. 7s 2d.
The same in right of Dorothy his wife. Bs 9 1/2d.
Richard Hawkes. 16s 4d.
Elizabeth Marshall alias Gregory. £1 18s4d.
Mary Lane alias Meares. £1 9s 3d.
Thomas Hinks. 16s 4d.
Jone Ratty widow. 13s 7d.
John Burrell. 11s 2 1/2d.
Francis Ratty. 10s9d.
John Thorngate. 11s 2d.
Robert Syms now Spearings. 15s 8 1/2d.
Sarah Hamon (Hammond) now Long. 5s 5 1/2d.
William Vyne. £1 3s 4d.
Edward Baldry's widow. £1 10s6d.
Gyles Garnett. 12s B 1/2d.
John Howell per tenement. 7s 2d.
The same for Buckett's Meade. 6s 0d.
Katherine Cropp now Mr. Jenkins. 17s 9d.
Henry Buddon. £1 18s4d.
Judith Weston widow. £1 3s 9 1/2d.
Thomas White's cottage.2s 0d.
Lease and Rack rents follows.
Roger Kelsey, Smith's Forge. 6s Bd.
John Lanell (Lambell?) for Brick Close.£110s0d.
Quit rents at Michaelmas only.
Sir John Clowberry Knt.[2] for Swathling Farm. 13s 4d.
&. 1 lb. of cummin seed.
Richard Hawkes.2s 0d.


  1. WFMS:193 | HRO 102M71/M5 (i)
  2. Sir John Cloberry
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