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Mr. Fleming distributes bread and beer to the poor of Romsey Extra, 1820

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Mr. Fleming distributes bread and beer to the poor of Romsey Extra, 1820.


ELECTION DINNER.- On Thursday last, the 30th of March, 1820, the friends of our worthy Representative, John Fleming Esq. residing in Romsey, and its vicinity, dined, together at the Falcon Inn, in celebration of that gentleman's return. About four o'clock, the company, in all about 45, partook of a most excellent dinner, Mr. James Alldridge in the chair. Just as dinner was put on the table a bill was issued from the press announcing that 1,000 gallon loaves and 14 hogsheads of strong beer would be distributed to the poor in the course of Easter week, by a committee of Mr. Fleming's friends.[1]

BENEVOLENCE.- We noticed in our last the intention of Mr. Fleming to distribute a quantity of bread and beer to the poor inhabitants of Romsey Extra at ten o'clock in the morning on Saturday, the 1st of April, 1820. The Committee were at their different posts and by one no less than 3,047 individuals (comprising 900 families) were relieved with a quart loaf and a pint of beer each.[2]


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