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Detail of the Island estate south of Arreton Down from a plan by John Whitcher, c.1817
Detail of the Island estate south of Arreton Down from a plan by John Whitcher, c.1817
The Fleming Estate's property at Arreton on the Isle of Wight Estates included the advowson of the vicarage of Arreton, and various farms and manors within the parish of Arreton, including a Manor of Arreton. Heasley Manor House at Heasley at the southwest of the village was the Island home of the Fleming family in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Arreton village

Arreton village (also known as Atherton, Adderton, Arreton Street) lay on the southern edge of the Downend Estate. The main part within the Fleming Estate was the detached 'Arreton Vicarage' grouping around St George's church, including the church itself, the vicarage, and the White Lion Inn.


The tithes of Arreton passed to the heirs of Edward Fleming[1]. The vicarage and advowson remained the property of the Fleming Estate until the late twentieth century.

Manor of Arreton

Arreton alias South Arreton, seems to have been a manor on the Isle of Wight Estates. Arreton Manor house and farm were historically not part of the Fleming Estate[2], although the church and vicarage did belong to the Estate. Yet John E A Willis Fleming was described as Lord of South Arreton manor[3], implying that Arreton manor was at some time partitioned (perhaps at the time the parish was divided into North and South Arreton in 1894). Despite this, the manorial title to 'Arreton' seems to have been sold by the estate in 1996[4].


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