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List of original lessees, 1853-1879

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This is a list of the original people who leased property in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from the Fleming Estate between 1853 and 1879, where the leases were still active in 1880. If a name appears more than once, it means that there is more than one lease. (See also List of original lessees in 19th and 20th centuries.) These leases were enabled by the Fleming's Estate Acts starting in 1852.

If you find a person's name that you are researching, the Trust would like to hear from you! A full entry gives details of the leased property, and is available by emailed request.



John Fariney ALLARD, Surgeon, IOW
Henry Thomas ANLEY, Esquire, IOW
John ATKEY, Painter, IOW
Edward ATKINS, Bank Manager, North Stoneham


Stephen Morey BAKER, IOW
William BALDOCK, Chilworth
Vessey BANNFIELD, House painter, North Stoneham
Daniel BARNES, Hotel Keeper, IOW
Robert BARNES, Mariner, IOW
Jason Sulger BARTLETT, Grocer, Chilworth
William BARTON, Builder, IOW
John BINDEN, Shipwright, IOW
Ann BLENTON, Chilworth
William BOYCE, IOW
George Simon BRINTON, North Stoneham
William BULLAR, Doctor of Physic, North Stoneham
John BURNS, Gentleman, IOW
William BUSHELL, Brickmaker, North Stoneham


Edward CAPS, Cordwainer, North Stoneham
George CLEMENTS, Brewer, IOW
Thomas CLERK, Major General of Her Majesty's Army, North Stoneham
James COLSON, Gentleman, North Stoneham
Peter COLSON, Corn Merchant, North Stoneham
William COOPER, Builder, IOW
John Morford COTTLE, IOW
John Morford COTTLE, IOW
John Morford COTTLE, Esquire, IOW
Francis CROSSEY, Common Brewers, Chilworth


John DAMP, Bricklayer, IOW
John DAMP, Blacksmith, IOW
William DAMP, Carpenter, IOW
Albert James DIBBENS, Mason, IOW
William DIBBENS, Pork Butcher, IOW
Montgomery DILLY, Gentleman, North Stoneham


James EAMES, Woodman, IOW
Christopher ELLIOTT, Merchant, North Stoneham
John ELLIOTT, Architect, North Stoneham
Thomas Christopher ELLIOTT, North Stoneham


John Wilson FARDELL, Esquire, IOW
James FELTHAM, Builder, Romsey
George Bright FOOTNER, Gentleman, Romsey
John Emes FULLER, Spirit Merchant, North Stoneham


George GODFREY, Draper, IOW
James GOODMAN, Laborer, North Stoneham
John GOODMAN, Laborer, North Stoneham
Charles GRIFFIN, Bricklayer, IOW


Robert Chatfield HANKINSON, North Stoneham
George HARBOUR, Bootmaker, IOW
John HARRIS, Brickmaker, North Stoneham
John HARRIS, North Stoneham
Charles HAYLES, Shipwright, IOW
Charles HAYLES, Tailor, IOW
Charles HAYLES, Shipbuilder, IOW
William HAYLES, Shipwright, IOW
Rev Philip HEWITT, IOW
Gad HILL, Innkeeper, IOW
John HILL, Esquire, IOW
John HUSDON, Draper, IOW
James HUTCHINGS, Builder, IOW
James HUTCHINGS, Builder, IOW
James William HUTCHINGS, Carpenter, IOW
James William HUTCHINGS, Carpenter, IOW


Henry JAMES, Carrier, IOW
John JAMES, Laborer, IOW
John JAMES, Laborer, IOW
William JAMES, Laborer, IOW
William JAMES, Laborer, IOW
William JAMES (the younger), IOW
William JAMES (the younger), Gardener, IOW
William JEFFERY, Merchant, Romsey


Rev Frederick KENT, Clerk, IOW


Frederick Field LANGSTAFF, North Stoneham
Henry John LEWIS, IOW
John LEWIS, North Stoneham
William LORING, Rear Admiral, IOW
William LORING, Esquire, IOW
George Mann LOVE, Gentleman, North Stoneham
Richard Cockle LUCAS, Sculptor, Chilworth


Robert Webster McLAREN, Carpenter, IOW
Henry MEW, Gardener, IOW
Edward Kennett MINTER, Coal Merchant, IOW


John OSBORN, Cabinet maker, IOW


Henry PAGE, Gentleman, North Stoneham
John PIKE, Wheelwright, IOW
Leonard POTTS, Bricklayer, IOW


William RAY (the younger), Timber merchant, IOW
John Frederick RAYNER, North Stoneham
William Henry ROGERS, North Stoneham
George Parsons RUBIE, North Stoneham
George Peabody RUSSELL, Esquire, IOW
Uriah RUSSELL, Woodman, IOW


William SALTER, Toll collector, IOW
William SALTER, Officer of the Ryde Pier Company, IOW
Isaac SAUNDERS, Carpenter, IOW
Isaac SAUNDERS, Carpenter, IOW
Isaac SAUNDERS, Carpenter, IOW
Isaac SAUNDERS, Builder, IOW
William SAUNDERS, Mason, IOW
Jonathan David SHEPHERD, IOW
Robert George SIBLEY, Gentleman, IOW
Frederick SLADE, Timber merchant, North Stoneham
Edmund SMITH, Bricklayer, IOW
Charles SPANNER, Bricklayer, IOW
William SPENCER, Bricklayer, IOW
William SQUIBB, North Stoneham
Henry STAINER, Chief Boatman of Coastguard, IOW
John STANNER, Gentleman, IOW
Rev Frederick Septimus STOCKDALE, Clerk, IOW
William Altoft SUMMERS, Civil Engineer, North Stoneham


Archibald Hamilton TATTNALL, Esquire, IOW
Henry TAYLOR, Mason, IOW
Catherine Sarah THOMPSON, Widow, IOW
John THOMPSON, Laborer, IOW
Vernon TIPPINGE, Clerk, IOW


William John VANER, Esquire, IOW
Abraham VANNER, Innkeeper, IOW
William John VERNER, IOW
James Sprent VERTUE, Esquire, IOW


Walter WALLIS, North Stoneham
Jacob WESTON, Tailor, North Stoneham
William WILLIAMS, Florist, IOW
John WITHERS, Grocer, IOW
John WITHERS, Gentleman, IOW
Sarah WOODMORE, Widow, IOW
William Cass WOODS, Ironmonger, IOW
James WYATT, North Stoneham

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