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List of customary tenants of North Stoneham, c.1680

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List of customary tenants of North Stoneham, c.1680[1].


List of copyholders of the manor of North Stoneham. c.1680/1.


absent.Sir John Clobery (Clowbery)
Richard Hawkes
absent.Henry Thornegate gone out.
Richard Bodicot
Robert Thorngate
William Cage
Thomas Wallis
absent.Richard Hawkesworth
absent.John Holtfeoff.
Francis Holt
absent.Widow Cable gone out.
William West
absent.Katherine Marsh widowgone out.
provisional.Thomas Newman
Joane Wooldridgeappear at court.
Richard Baldry
absent.Thomas Kelmesgone out.
Thomas Morelyappear at court.
prov absent.William Scriven
William Orpwood
provisional.Richard West
Richard Hawkes
Tymothy Marshall
absent.Mary Lane alias Meeresfeoff.
absent.Thomas Hinckes feoff.
absent.Barbara Richards widow
John Burrell
Francis Ratty dead. Widow Rattey
provisional.John Thornegate
Henry Speering
provisional.Edward Long
William Vyne
absent.Thomas Christmasgone out.
John Wallis
absent.John Howell feoff.
absent.William Jenkinsprovisional.
Widow Budden
Judith Weston widow
Alice White
Roger Kelsey


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