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Letter of John Brown Willis Fleming to Robert Cowen, 19 Feb 1853

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Copy letter from John Brown Willis Fleming to Robert Cowen, estate bailiff, concerning estate business.


Union Club
February 19th 1853

Dear Sir,

Mr Richardson may have the bricks & you will take his acceptance at once.

The little farm is let on lease to the Lieut. Mr Wigg cannot therefore have it.

Mr Dashwood may have the meadows at the back of Binstead Lodge Farm. Of course I expect the same rent now paid by Mr Hewitt.

The Pointsmen on the Railway may have a lease of the narrow strip of ground you mention for 99 years at a yearly ground rent of two pounds. I conclude the piece of land he wishes to rent is not now in the occupation of anyone. John Corps may get on with his building. They shall both have their leases when their respective tenements are roofed in. & arrange with them particularly as to when rents are to commence.

Col. Crabbe can have the Bog Mould at 2-6 per load for one horse. Coulmer will show you where it is usually dug.

You had better write to Mr Hutchins, & place yourself in communication with him about Wootton Mill. Take any reasonable rent you can get.

If Mr Bucksey likes to change the new field for any other land which he now occupies well & good. But pray assure him I should be sorry he should do so to oblige me unless perfectly convenient.

Sergt Major Barfoot was good enough to purchase his house with my money, I do not know if he has repaid me, if he has not, to oblige him I will take it off his hands.

You will warn the tenants & others against paying any money on my account to Mr Thos. Fleming or Mr Barfoot.

I remain dear Sir
faithfully yours
John Fleming


  1. * Willis Fleming Historical Trust WFMS:968
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