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Letter of John B Willis Fleming to Robert Cowen, 8 Feb 1853

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Copy letter from John Brown Willis Fleming to Robert Cowen, estate bailiff, concerning estate business.


Union Club
March 8th 1853

My dear sir,

Deliver one of the enclosed notices into the hands of Mr Barfoot in the presence of a witness. Coulmer would be the best. Let me know the probable expense of erecting [a] rough cow shed and piggeries at Toothill.

I shall be happy to take the young man you recommended as Trumpeter, & will attend to the other matters mentioned in your letter.

Mr Richards cannot have the land for building. The site required by him is worth from its position a great deal.

As Troop Sergt. Major refuse any appointments you deem too old, & I shall undertake to place any complaints made by the Sergt Major to the Col. in a proper light.

Keep carefully a copy of the notice served on Barfoot.

Ever my dear sir
Faithfully yours
John Fleming


  1. * Willis Fleming Historical Trust WFMS:982
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