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Jim Kitcher, c.1912
Jim Kitcher, c.1912
The gamekeepers were employed to breed and protect game on the Estate.

In 1843, Thomas Hewitt, gamekeeper to John Barton Willis Fleming, was convicted of assaulting Charles Sivier of Burgess Street; Hewitt had threatened to blow Sivier’s brains out with a double barrelled gun.[1] In 1844, two of the keepers at Stoneham, Charles West and William Salmon, were viscously assaulted[2].

On 29 Nov 1900, after an intolerably poor couple of days of shooting, John Willis Fleming purged the Chilworth & Stoneham estate of all the gamekeepers: ‘I consider that the keepers have failed to do their duty, & therefore have given them all notice to go. I intend in future keeping nobody but woodmen, as I do in the Isle of Wight.[3]


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List of gamekeepers

  • Thomas Brazier (1820-6,1841), Stoneham
  • John Doling (1820-6), Stoneham
  • Charles Martin (1822-6), Romsey Extra
  • John Tribe (1826), North Stoneham
  • Robert Noyes (1826), Longparish
  • George Dewall (1826), North Stoneham
  • Charles Cave (1836), Stoneham
  • Thomas Misslebrook (1835, 1840), Chilworth
  • Thomas Hewitt (1841, 1843)
  • Charles West (1844), Stoneham
  • William Salmon (1844), Stoneham
  • Charles Winded, head keeper (1853), Chilworth
  • -- Masters, under keeper (1853), Chilworth
  • -- Browning, under keeper (1853), Chilworth
  • Jim Kitcher (20thC), Stoneham & Chilworth
  • Henry George Stacey (20thC), Stoneham & Chilworth
  • Harry Snelgove (20thC), Stoneham & Chilworth
  • Fred Lay (20thC)
  • Edward Watts (1841,1851,1853,1855)

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