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Directions given to the Person holding the situation of Bailiff, 1853

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Directions given to the Person holding the situation of Bailiff on the Estates of John Fleming Esqr.

  1. The Bailiff is to have full authority, & control over the labour on the above mentioned estates. He will be expected to see that the labour is executed in a proper, & workmanlike manner, & to pay the men every alternate Saturday. His supervision will extend over the Woodmen, the men employed on Mr Fleming’s property generally, also the Labourers on the Farm & the Game Keepers.
  2. On the first day of every month he will give Mr Fleming a full & accurate detail of the Labour &c. during the preceding month, in writing, with an accurate account of what sums he has expended, to whom paid, and for what purpose.
  3. He will provide himself with a Field Book, & will note down the Crop on every field over the whole Estate, & report to Mr Fleming any instance of Crop Cropping which may come under observation.
  4. Once in each half year at the least he will be requested to visit the Isle of Wight Estates, & to proceed in every respect there as at Stoneham.
  5. He will be required to pay particular attention that the tenants are not impaired by the depredations of Hares and Rabbits, & should such occur, he will first warn the Keeper in writing, & then report to Mr Fleming, should such warning not be immediately attended to.
  6. The same precautions must also be taken with regard to the Woods & other Plantations.
  7. He must also procure a Copy of the Rental Agreement & Lease now generally adopted on Mr Fleming’s Estate, & shall be expected to see that the tenants act up to the various Conditions therein contained, and report immediately any departure therefrom.
  8. He must on no account give any [monies?] for repairs or any other works without Mr Fleming’s sanction being first asked […]. He must also not be permitted to let any Farm, but should one become vacant will refer the name of any applicant to Mr Fleming, & await further instructions.
  9. Should a tenant make application for any repair to be executed on his farm, the bailiff will in the monthly report, before alluded to, make such request known to Mr Fleming.
  10. Should Mr T W Fleming continue to act as Mr Fleming’s Steward, reports may be made him, with the exception of the detail at the Commencement of every month. But should Mr T W F decline to act, all reports will them be made to Mr Fleming himself.

John Fleming

February 5th 1853


  • Willis Fleming Historical Trust WFMS:937
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