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Serle family

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The Serle family (Searle) of Chilworth and Testwood acquired the manor of Chilworth in the early seventeenth century, lived at Chilworth Lodge, endowed local charities, and rebuilt Chilworth Church in 1812.

Gilbert Serle, (father of Peter the elder) was a merchant originating from Livorno (Leghorn) in Italy and came to came to England c.1695. He was MP for Andover (1714-1715) and purchased several manors in Hampshire.

Peter Serle (1715 - 1782) the elder is named on the Map of the Manor of Chilworth, 1755[1].

Peter Serle the younger conveyed the Chilworth Estate to John Barton Willis Fleming in 1825, subject to the payment of a jointure of £600 to his widow, Charlotte Malazena Serle, who died in 1859[2]


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