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'The Wight at War', 3 May 2014

April 10, 2014 5:48 PM

Harry Willis Fleming will be presenting a paper at this year's Isle of Wight Family History Society annual conference, held on Saturday 3rd May 2014 at Northwood House, Cowes, Isle of Wight.

An excellent review of the recent Tudor Revels study day by the Come Step Back in Time blog, with some wonderful images and insights:

"A truly inspirational day for historians and anyone who loves Tudor history. I went home stimulated and inspired to revisit this important historical period. The obvious popularity of the event is proof that history really is enjoying a surge in popularity and long may it continue."
Event: "Money, Class & Wealth: Rescuing Forgotten Lives"
Tudor Revels Study Day, Sunday 10 June 2012, 11am-4pm The Dolphin Hotel, High Street, Southampton

Using original archive material: written documents, material remains and portraiture, we discuss the practical ways of constructing biographies for the people of Tudor Southampton. Case studies include Nicholas Fuller, scholar and lawyer whose portrait hangs in Tudor House; The Flemyngs who for centuries played a leading role in civic and mercantile life in and around Southampton, rising to the ranks of the landed gentry during the 1500s; and the Dyperes who left just one will and 10,000 descendants.

Harry Willis Fleming will explore the broad range of evidence from which to piece together a fresh genealogy of the Fleming family in the Tudor period and earlier. He will discuss the surviving paper trail of records such wills, property deeds, and court records; Herald's Visitations and published pedigrees; the role of one-name studies and DNA testing; and also draw some preliminary conclusions from the People Project database.

Hosted by The Dolphin hotel - owned in 1570 by Edward Wilmot, merchant and innkeeper, who left a complete inventory of all the furnishings in The Dolphin - this study day will be an introduction to the Tudor People Project, using archives for genealogical research and will look at the challenges of finding out the stories of those who lived five hundred years ago. The event is FREE but booking is essential, lunch is provided at a cost of #6.95 and needs to be pre-booked.

For further details, see: Tudor Revels - Events.
Harry will be talking on 'Sir Thomas Fleming (1544-1613)' for the Southampton City Museum's Archaeological Society's 'Stuart Southampton: AD 1603-1714' Study Day on Saturday 10th March. Other speakers include: Dr Andy Russel on changing attitudes to the defence of Southampton; Ben Jervis & Duncan Brown on 'Pottery in Stuart Southampton and beyond...'; Rosalind Johnson on 'Quakers in Stuart Southampton', and Stan Roberts on Isaac Watts. Tickets #10.

For more information contact Anna on 0781 285 1095 or archaeoanna@yahoo.co.uk
The Willis Fleming Fleming Historical Trust is excited to be part of the Revels Partnership, a consortium of local heritage and community groups, led by The Diaper Heritage Association, that has been awarded #49,000 to work together on a project to raise the profile of Southampton's history during the time of the Tudors. The project, 'From Records to Revels', is designed to highlight the superb original records held in the town's archives and how they, along with archaeological remains, can be used to interpret Southampton's past and bring it alive to a wider audience.

'We are so fortunate that our partnership includes historians, interpreters of history, and passionate volunteers who are committed to Southampton's history and who have all come together to provide opportunities for a broad range of community engagement whether as Revels volunteers, or participants in workshops, events, and of course our Tudor Michaelmas Fair planned for September next year' said Revels working group leader Cheryl Butler.

The project wants to engage new volunteers who wish to know more about and help support Southampton's heritage.  As well as the Michaelmas Fair there will be many hand's on opportunities for people to find out more about life in Tudor Southampton.  There will also be a lasting legacy with a creation of a website which will host a 'virtual Tudor Southampton' including a database of all the known inhabitants who lived in the town between 1485-1603.

'The database will be a wonderful resource for not only students and scholars but also for the many thousands of people who study family history and genealogy and we are absolutely thrilled that the Heritage Lottery Fund is supporting us in such a generous way.' said Harry Willis Fleming, a working group member.
Colin Davison, author of a new Ursula Moray Williams biography, will speak about her links with Hampshire, including her years spent at North Stoneham Park, which inspired such books as Bogwoppit and Grandpapa's Folly and the Woodworm-Bookworm. Harry Willis Fleming will set this in the context of the story of North Stoneham House, built for his family in the first half of the 19th century.

Wednesday 11 May, 7-9pm
#7.50 per person, booking essential
Hampshire Record Office, Sussex Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TH

Chilworth Manor, 1 June 1943

July 25, 2010 6:19 PM
This photograph shows the party at John [no.4] & Violet [no.5] Willis Fleming's golden wedding anniversary at Chilworth Manor on 1 June 1943. Can you help identify any of the people? (Click images to enlarge.)

The group includes family and friends, some with a long association with the estate. No.1 is "Cousin Dust".
The Willis Fleming Historical Trust has acquired an important collection of Victorian photographs of Chilworth and North Stoneham, taken over a short period between 1869-72. We believe the images are by, or associated with, the artist Richard Cockle Lucas of Chilworth. This wonderful collection is a window into a vanished world of 140 years ago, with many of the photographs populated by a cast of local characters. Here are a selected few  from the collection:

The Belvedere at North Stoneham Park. This is the first photograph of this landmark that we have seen. It was demolished around 1900.

North Stoneham House looms over Park Pond.

Working horses at Chilworth. Note the toy horse on the bench.

This fine fellow, a gardener or labourer, appears in many of the photographs.

The earliest photograph of North Stoneham Church that we know of.

Miss Mary Lewis lays a foundation stone at Chilworth Tower on 16th May 1872.

The Hursley Hunt meet at the Clump Inn, Chilworth.

Dogs at Chilworth Tower.
A crowd seen from the top of Chilworth Tower.

A garden seat.
Chilworth Conservation Ltd is a charity formed to restore and maintain the Chilworth Conservation Area at Chilworth Manor, and retain the Area's educational and recreational functions with minimal disturbance to the ecology. As part of the restoration of the woodland, a programme of tree-planting is currently underway. The charity has recently launched a new website, with information about the history and ecology, and with wonderful photo galleries. Find out more at chilworthconservation.co.uk

Dick's Diary

March 5, 2010 3:48 PM
The wartime diaries of 2nd Lieut. Richard Willis Fleming (1896-1916) are being published daily as a weblog - Dick's Diary - 94 years to the day since they were first written. The diaries start on 24 February 1916 and follow the 162 days until Richard's death in Egypt on 4 August.