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This page contains a single entry by Harry Willis Fleming published on May 20, 2010 7:39 PM.

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Chilworth and North Stoneham pictured in the 1870s

May 20, 2010 7:39 PM
The Willis Fleming Historical Trust has acquired an important collection of Victorian photographs of Chilworth and North Stoneham, taken over a short period between 1869-72. We believe the images are by, or associated with, the artist Richard Cockle Lucas of Chilworth. This wonderful collection is a window into a vanished world of 140 years ago, with many of the photographs populated by a cast of local characters. Here are a selected few  from the collection:

The Belvedere at North Stoneham Park. This is the first photograph of this landmark that we have seen. It was demolished around 1900.

North Stoneham House looms over Park Pond.

Working horses at Chilworth. Note the toy horse on the bench.

This fine fellow, a gardener or labourer, appears in many of the photographs.

The earliest photograph of North Stoneham Church that we know of.

Miss Mary Lewis lays a foundation stone at Chilworth Tower on 16th May 1872.

The Hursley Hunt meet at the Clump Inn, Chilworth.

Dogs at Chilworth Tower.
A crowd seen from the top of Chilworth Tower.

A garden seat.