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The author Ursula Moray Williams (1911-2006), interviewed in 2005, holds a fragment of her childhood home, North Stoneham House. "I remember every stick and stone of Stoneham."

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The Stoneham Archive

This special collection relates to North Stoneham House (and the parkland): its architecture and design; the architect; the house's dispersed contents, collections, and Library; and the people who lived and worked there.

The Archive is drawn together from various sources including previously unseen Willis Fleming family papers, and includes an image library, and oral history recorded with people who remember Stoneham.

(We have a new website about the history of North Stoneham Park at www.northstoneham.org.uk.)

Selected items:

  1. Stoneham Park Coursing Club rules and regulations for 1870
  2. List of standard and dwarf roses for Christopheria Fleming, 1836
  3. License of North Stoneham House to 'The North Stoneham Club', 1910
  4. Audio interview with Ursula Moray Williams
  5. Temple Lodge at North Stoneham Park, photograph, early 20th century
  6. Piece of the base of a scagliola column from North Stoneham House
  7. The Thomas Hopper Memorial Cup
  8. North Stoneham House, engraving, by O B Carter
  9. Bookplate of Thomas Hopper
  10. Letter of John E A Willis Fleming concerning telephone connection to North Stoneham House, 1908
  11. Catalogue of the Library of the late John Fleming, Esq.
  12. Servants' bell 10, removed from North Stoneham House
  13. Pencil sketch of the Temple Lodge, North Stoneham Park
  14. A view of the Belvedere at North Stoneham Park, 1839
  15. Gaming counter in the style of a George III Guinea