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Photograph of John Brown Willis Fleming

Added to WFC Guide on January 21, 2013
Studio photograph of John Brown Willis Fleming (1815-1872), eldest son of John Willis Fleming and Christopheria Buchanan. The photograph is not dated.
An over-painted photograph of Christopheria, Lady Downes (1799-1860). Christopheria Buchanan married firstly John Willis Fleming (1781-1844) in 1813, by whom she had eight children. She married secondly Ulysses de Burgh (1788-1863), Lord Downes in 1846. The photograph is not dated.
A studio portrait of Lord Downes (1788-1863) by Camille Silvy, taken on 17 October 1860, the day before his second wife's death. Downes had married Christopheria Willis Fleming (1799-1860), widow of John Willis Fleming (1781-1844), on 4 August 1846.