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Guide to the Willis Fleming Collection

NRA reference 44732


Pamphlets addressed to the tenant farmers of the Fleming Estate, 1917-1918

ms.2804 1 file
Added to WFC Guide on March 27, 2012
A set of three printed pamphlets written by John Willis Fleming (1871-1949) addressed to the tenant farmers of the Fleming Estate in December 1917, June 1918 (for the Midsummer Audit), and December 1918. Discussion includes farming practices, the impact of war, religious matters, and the two War Shrines built on the estate. The first pamphlet opens: 'It seems to me necessary that we should meet in these difficult times and discuss any questions which may arise. We are face to face with a very grave crisis in our history. Few people realise, I think, that if we do escape a famine in this country it may be only by what we sometimes call the skin of our teeth.'