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Guide to the Willis Fleming Collection

NRA reference 44732


Photograph of John Brown Willis Fleming

Added to WFC Guide on January 21, 2013
Studio photograph of John Brown Willis Fleming (1815-1872), eldest son of John Willis Fleming and Christopheria Buchanan. The photograph is not dated.

Bookplate of Ulysses de Burgh (1788-1863), Lord Downes

WFC.2812 i piece
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Murray's Hand-Book for Travellers in Northern Italy (London, 1854) with bookplate of Christopheria, Lady Downes (1799-1860) and manuscript date 30 September 1855. A further manuscript note of ownership and autograph by Christopheria's daughter, Harriet Elizabeth Vansittart (1821-1906) (nee Willis Fleming).
An over-painted photograph of Christopheria, Lady Downes (1799-1860). Christopheria Buchanan married firstly John Willis Fleming (1781-1844) in 1813, by whom she had eight children. She married secondly Ulysses de Burgh (1788-1863), Lord Downes in 1846. The photograph is not dated.
A studio portrait of Lord Downes (1788-1863) by Camille Silvy, taken on 17 October 1860, the day before his second wife's death. Downes had married Christopheria Willis Fleming (1799-1860), widow of John Willis Fleming (1781-1844), on 4 August 1846.

Letter book of John Willis Fleming, 1853

ms.2 1 volume
Added to WFC Guide on March 30, 2012
Letter book of John Willis Fleming (1815-1872), labeled 'Estate Book 1', which includes some 113 letters written between 5 February and 28 June 1853. Correspondents include his bailiff Robert Cowen, his brother Thomas Willis Fleming, solicitor John Henry Hearn, bankers Maddison & Pearce, George Atherley, and The Hon. Robert A. Arundell.

'Flemyng Memoirs' by Gordon Gyll, 1875

ms.2802 1 volume
Added to WFC Guide on March 30, 2012
Folio manuscript volume written by Gordon Willoughby Gyll (b.1802) inscribed at front 'Sketches of the Lives of the Cadet Branch of Flemyng, Lord Cumbernauld and Earl of Wigtoun in Scotland. Prompted by a just and liberal curiosity, I Gordon Gyll of Remenham House, Wraysbury. Co Bucks, have essayed these Memoirs of my maternal Ancestors, ascending in a clear and regular series to the Flemyngs, emigrants from Flanders'. The manuscript written on 71 pages with the signatures of various ancestors mounted on the leaves and few coats of arms etc.

John Whitcher of Liphook produced a series of surveys of the Fleming Estate as pocket books containing maps and terriers, as well as larger-scale folding plans. This collection includes the Survey of the Estates on the Isle of Wight, 1817, and the Survey of the Estates at Romsey, 1819. It also includes a plan of Swaythling Farm detatched from the third volume, Surveys of Stoneham, 1818 (which itself is now held by Southampton Archives Office, ref. D/Z 639). There is also a folding plan of Roger's Bargain and North Stoneham Poor House, 1816, and two different plans of the southern portion of the Estate in the Isle of Wight. In addition there is a newspaper clipping relating to Southampton Archives Office's acquisition of Whitcher's Stoneham volume in 1984, and a set of photographs of that volume.
A set of three printed pamphlets written by John Willis Fleming (1871-1949) addressed to the tenant farmers of the Fleming Estate in December 1917, June 1918 (for the Midsummer Audit), and December 1918. Discussion includes farming practices, the impact of war, religious matters, and the two War Shrines built on the estate. The first pamphlet opens: 'It seems to me necessary that we should meet in these difficult times and discuss any questions which may arise. We are face to face with a very grave crisis in our history. Few people realise, I think, that if we do escape a famine in this country it may be only by what we sometimes call the skin of our teeth.'

Diary of a cruise in the Mediterranean, 1843-1844

ms.1333 1 volume
Added to WFC Guide on March 27, 2012
Manuscript journal titled 'Diary of a cruise in the Mediterranean, summer of 1843', written by Thomas Willis Fleming (1819-1890), the second son of John and Christopheria Willis Fleming. Thomas was traveling on his yacht Iris with his friend and future brother-in-law Albert Hambrough of Steephill Castle. Thomas's parents and siblings were traveling aboard his father's yacht Syren. The journal contains daily entries from 8th July to 24th October 1843, and 8th December 1843 to 4th March 1844, with further intermittent entries until 30th April 1844. The party visited Le Havre, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Marseilles, Toulon, Nice, Monaco, Genoa, Florence, Lucca, Leghorn, Elba, Civita Vechia, Naples and the Amalfi coast, Palermo (Sicily), Malta, Nupina, and Rome. There were long sojourns in Malta and Naples.