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Directions given to the Person holding the situation of Bailiff on the Estates of John Fleming Esq., 5 Feb 1853. [See Transcript]

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Family & Estate Papers

Willis Fleming family papers include personal and domestic letters, diaries, records connected with official duties, inventories, photographs, and ephemera.

The muniments of the 'Fleming Estate' in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight include records of the manor courts, deeds of purchase and sale, wills and marriage settlements, mortgages, surveys, terriers, rent rolls, accounts, correspondence, and maps & plans.

Selected items:

  1. Electioneering broadside by 'Stoneham', 1842
  2. Commission of Richard T C Willis Fleming in the Royal Horse Artillery, 1915
  3. Inventory of Mr Fleming's pictures
  4. Letter fragment from a servant boy at Chilworth
  5. Volume titled 'Quit Rents of Romsey', 1815-1830
  6. Timber Account, 1813-1841
  7. Chlworth Manor Game Book, 1894-1913
  8. Court book for the manors of Romsey Extra, Romsey Infra, and North Stoneham, 1743-1782
  9. Note from Miss Winthrop to John Barton Willis Fleming, 1825
  10. Catalogue of the Library of the late John Fleming, Esq.
  11. Mr Thomas Flemings conveyance of lands lying in the parishes of Kingston & Shorwell, 1600
  12. Plan of Roger's Bargain, North Stoneham, 1816
  13. Map of the Manor of Chilworth, 1755