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Richard Cockle Lucas's telescope, Chilworth Tower, dated 1853.

Fragments of stained glass windows (c.1826) formerly at North Stoneham Church, depicting the heraldic pedigree of the Willis Fleming family.

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The Antiquaries' Collection

“Antiquarianism, with its focus on numinous, associational objects, is, for all its concern to evoke the living spirit of the past, irretrievably concerned with what is dead.”
—Jane Stevenson, The Antiquarian Instinct
“The antiquary, perhaps because he is in close touch with the human thought of all time - that which is not dead, but sleepeth - comes more into contact with that dim borderline region than most people.”
M P Dare (1902-1962), archivist, author, and book thief

The antiquaries evoked by the Collection include: Browne Willis (1682-1760), Richard Cockle Lucas (1800-1883), John Henry Hearn (abt 1816-1871), Harold Osborne White (1870-1954), and Arthur Harris Arnold (1871-1948).

Selected items:

  1. Signature of Browne Willis, cut from a letter
  2. Invitation to the Browne Willis Commemoration Dinner, 1901
  3. Engraving of Chester Cathedral with arms of Thomas Willis of Wigan, 1727
  4. 'History and Antiquities of Maidstone' removed from Browne Willis's Library at Stoneham Park
  5. Fragments of heraldic painted glass formerly at North Stoneham Church
  6. Author's presentation copy of 'Notitia Parliamentaria', 1750
  7. Three oval portrait plaster medallions, 1860
  8. Bond by Sir William Cope to Sir Edward Coke, 1612
  9. Telescope formerly belonging to Richard Cockle Lucas of the Chilworth Tower
  10. Watercolor of Ivy Cottage, the birthplace of Thomas Willis M.D.
  11. Thomas Willis by David Loggan, engraving, 1674
  12. Mummers at Chilworth, Christmas 1864