Senior representatives of the armigerous families of Willis of Bletchley and Fleming of Stoneham.
-1613Sir Thomas Fleming I (1544-1613)
1613-1624Sir Thomas Fleming II (1572-1624)
1630-1638Thomas Fleming (1609-1638)
1654-1664Edward Fleming (1633-1664)
1671-1700Edward Fleming (1650-1700)
1703-1740Richard Fleming (1682-1740)
1740-1766William Fleming (1677-1766)
Succeeded by John Willis (1749-1802)
1670-1675Dr Thomas Willis (1621-1675)
1675-1699Thomas Willis (1658-1699)
1699-1760Browne Willis (1682-1760)
1760-1762Thomas Willis (1738-1762)
1770-1802John Willis, subsequently known as John Fleming (1749-1802)
1813-1844John Fleming Barton Willis, subsequently known as John Willis Fleming (1781-1844)
1844-1872John Brown Willis Fleming (1815-1872)
1893-1949John Edward Arthur Willis Fleming (1871-1949)
1949-1967John Brown Phillimore Willis Fleming (1895-1967)
1967-2006Richard Hugh Willis Fleming (1921-2006)
2006-2009John Valentine Willis Fleming (1925-2009)
From 2009Thomas Willis Fleming